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“Easily the best day of my life next to my son being born.”

– Nate R.

“I was on the first tour in 2011. The scouts were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly! Had an awesome time on the tour and met some lifelong friends too! Can’t say enough good things about this tour. Just please keep in mind tours are incredibly limited in both occurrence AND occupancy. NoBe is a scout camp first, and a cool filming location second. We should all be grateful that the BSA has allowed any tours at all. Can’t wait to return to Camp!!”

– Carol C.

“What a fantastic opportunity! I came from Texas for this and it was worth all the headaches of travel! Everyone was gracious and welcoming and the tour was more than I imagined it would be!”

– Suzanne R.

“More than what was anticipated. Will remember this event for a lifetime. The staff truly cared about what we might have wanted to know, and left no stone unturned. Got so many pictures that every second of the camp locations featured in the film were captured. Coming back for the next one regardless of the price. Had a blast !!! Thanks again.”

– William G.

“Went there for the 2013 tour – such a tremendous event! The staff was extremely knowledgeable & passionate about their lil’ piece of cinematic history. Can’t wait for the next one…:~)”

– Kenneth C.

“Excellent tour. Unforgettable. Incredibly knowledgeable and friendly tour guides. Worth every penny I paid and I am happy to support the work of Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco through the money.”

– Lori A.

“I had a great time. I just wish that they could’ve turned down the natural fans aka the wind!!!  

– Andrew V.

“Great time!.. Thank you camp for doing this for us fans!!”

– Rian G.

“A great, magical time. Is exactly how I wanted it!”

– Bryan G.

“So awesome! Loved every minute today!”

– Jennifer B.

“I loved the fact that we were in small groups. The tour guides were awesome. They were very nice and knew what they were talking about. It was worth every penny. I wouldn’t change a thing! Best time ever! Thank you for letting us see the Camp and taking the time to show us around. It was the best vacation I’ve had!”

– Chiara G.

“I have been waiting to visit the camp for a long time. I saw more than I was expecting! I was very satisfied with the tour guides. They were excellent. The tour was fantastic!!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and had a blast. I think it was great that the scouts got to know our love for Crystal Lake and we got to know how much the scouts love their Nobebosco. I thought that my highlight would have been seeing the lake and it was, however, seeing the Camp Crystal Lake sign was the best. It was a fantastic day.”

– Robert K.

“Just being able to walk that hallowed ground was priceless ~ and to see every location, the beach etc. LOVED THE GREEN GROUP GUIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER met a nicer bunch of people in my life !!!!!!!! I miss them already ( okay, I am sentimental ) but I am serious!!! They were exceptional human beings 🙂 The small groups were very intimate and very informative and so we became friends, we didn’t feel rushed, we got to know our guides personally and everyones names, We were together until 10:00 that night perusing the town (the arch, the bridge, the store fronts from the movie, the diner, the cemetery) and we saw the movie together that night in the grand re-opening of the Blairstown Theatre 🙂 I would have paid $1,000.00. It was worth every penny, there was nothing I wanted to do that I didn’t get to do :)”

– April S.

“You guys pretty much covered everything. The tour group was perfectly sized, we were able to move around nicely and didn’t get in each others way. The tour guides did an excellent job. The whole thing was great, the bottle of lake water was an especially nice touch. I don’t see any real fan being disappointed in this tour at all to be honest, you guys were extremely nice and helpful the whole time. You guys did an excellent job on this tour, it exceeded my expectations. Everyone was extremely nice and courteous the whole time and I really enjoyed the experience. Thanks!!

– Ryan C.

“I had an absolute blast and it was well worth the ticket price IMO. Our tour guide was really cool and very knowledgable. He was the one that wrote the tour book, and it showed in his ability to explain things. He also told / showed us things unrelated to the movie which I found interesting, like a glimpse into scout life and the history of the camp. Everyone was very warm and welcoming and it was amazing to see two different groups of people exhibiting love for the camp for two different reason. I just cant put into words how special this trip was. The crew at NoBe exceeded every expectation i had, and surprised me with their warmth and love of the camp. I found myself loving the camp even more after the visit.”

– John C.

“I thought the tour was worth every penny. I can’t think of anything that was missed. I thought it was almost perfect. The tour guide did a fantastic job. The care that went into the tour was obvious. I was surprised at some of the stuff they showed us. Honestly, I didn’t have a favorite part – I enjoyed the entire thing. It was more complete than I could have hoped for. The surprise of the original sign was amazing!!!”

– Shaun K.

“Honestly, the best part of the tour for me was seeing how happy everyone was to finally get to see a place they had never believed they could get to. And seeing how excited the guides were to show off their camp was amazing. Everyone who was there that day should really take pride in what they accomplished. It was an excellent tour. I’m not sure you could really improve on what you’ve already done. You treated us wonderfully, you fed us, and you let us enjoy your camp. I couldn’t ask for more.”

– C. R.

“The tour was great. Well worth it. The money will soon be forgotten but the memory of seeing the place where this icon of horror was filmed will last forever. The tour guides were great,very polite and professional. They were the type of people you would expect from such a fine organization.”

– John S.

“It was nice that the guides researched the movie before the tour. The added things like the lone canoe in the lake or the arrows at the generator shed were a wonderful touch. The souvenir lake water bottles were great. It was really cool to be there on Friday the 13th.”

– Michael C.

“A great experience and a must for any Friday fan! Worth the ticket price. The tour is immersive and was helmed by a group of great volunteers!. Thanks, Camp No-Be for respecting the fans and preserving the locations. Please continue to do so, it makes this a win-win for all. ”

– Stephen H.

“This absolutely was one of the best days of my life, and is a memory I will treasure and remember forever. As if just being here isn’t enough, Blairstown in and of itself is just a beautiful little New Jersey town that is a gem to visit. The tour guides and the guides assigned to each location station were super friendly, personable, and funny. The tour was very informative, it’s truly awesome to know more about what went into the filming of Friday the 13th, and how they shot some of the scenes. I would also recommend stopping by Roy’s Hall afterwards for the film screening.. you won’t regret it! The whole town celebrates Friday the 13th like a holiday, and everyone really gets into the movie (laughing and cheering from the audience). I really would love to attend another tour in the future, it was that amazing. If you’re having any doubts about visiting, wondering if it’ll be worth it.. do it! It’s a once in a lifetime amazing experience! ”

– T. D.

“This tour was the culmination of a trip I took in my mind back in 1982 when I first saw Friday the 13th. To walk in the footsteps of the characters from Camp Crystal Lake was surreal to say the least. It was nostalgia indulgence in it’s highest form and I can’t recommend it enough for fans of the first film. The volunteers were friendly, informative and very laid back. I drove to the location from Canada and it was worth the 7 hour journey. I would go again in a heartbeat. If I still have a heartbeat…gulp… ”

– Jay S.

“This tour was a dream come true and bucket list item and I will never forget how perfect everything was. I even got engaged on the beach to my now fiance’ Carrie Sills. The surprises were phenomenal! I would go every Friday the 13th if I lived closer! To every Friday the 13th fan out there it is a must do! You will love it guaranteed. The tour guides are so nice and knowledgable.”

– Ted R.

“After researching and finding out about this tour a year or so ago … it was well worth the wait and the money spent on the ticket and money spent traveling to get there….I certainly will want to do this again.”

– Suzanne H.

“If anyone is wondering if the tour is worth the money, YES !! Everyone I met was so kind, and patient and knowledgeable, it was better than expected (and I expected a lot) If you get a chance, don’t hesitate! Easily my favorite vacation! They show you every location and the groups were perfectly sized,never felt rushed. Thanks to all the volunteers for making all of us horror geeks feel so welcome!”

– Jeff O. 

“My boyfriend and I drove from Toronto, ON Canada and it was worth every mile! We had an incredible time from start to finish. The camp was easy to find, well organized, and the tour guides were all very knowledgeable and some had attended the camp when the movie was being filmed. We got an incredible surprise from Ron Millkie who plays Officer Dorf. Our guide, Pete, who really reminded us of Kurt Russel all day, was very friendly had a lots of information to share and had a great sense of humour. This was a birthday gift for my boyfriend and I have no idea how the hell I’m going to top this next year! Thank you to all volunteers involved, and I really hope you do this again for the next Friday the 13th!”

– Rebecca C. 

“This tour was great! The guides and speakers were all very knowledgeable and personable. They provided a wealth of information and were great to be around. The food truck was excellent! Lunch being provided was an added bonus. Would absolutely recommend this tour to any Friday the 13th fan.”

– K. M.

“This was a once in a lifetime experience. I was on cloud nine from the moment I arrived until I was leaving the camp tour. The guides were very informative about the camp and the filming locations throughout the camp. What a great day it was.”

– Christian A. 

“The whole thing was amazing. Everything was so well planned and organized I was truly impressed. The tour guides were all super cool and knowledgeable. This was more memorable than Disneyland or swimming in a shark tank. I hope I can get tickets again!!”

– Cheryl R.

“What a great and special day! I am a Friday the 13th fan, so this was one of the best experiences of my life.  The tour allowed me to feel the atmosphere of the place, stare at that lake and really getting to experience the sensation of helplessness!  When the tour guides radio died, it felt like we were thrown into the movie! lol  Now I know where each scene took place and watching the movie again was a completely renewed adventure.  If you love the movie franchise, add this to your bucket list!”

– Tiago O.

“As a life-long fan of Friday the 13th, I traveled to Blairstown a few years ago to check out some of the sites where the movie was filmed. I then traveled up to the gates of Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco and then turned around since the camp is not open to the public. I thought it would be nice one day to take the official Friday the 13th tour. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones on October 13, 2017 to be able to tour the camp. The tour totally exceeded my expectations! I was expecting the tour to last only an hour or so. I had no idea that the Boy Scouts and the volunteers would put on a tour that would last close to five hours. It was a thrill to visit the cabins and the lake where the movie was filmed. It was amazing how the camp has been well maintained and most of the cabins and the scenery of the camp look very much the same as in the movie. From being able to collect water from the lake as a souvenir to taking as many photos as you like, the tour was awesome. After dividing you into groups, you are taken on a tour of each cabin and location. The tour guides and volunteers are knowledgeable (and some even shared personal stories from their days at the camp during filming). Each tour location also has props you can use to take selfies or photos with. The Food Truck lunch that was provided (and included in the price of the tour) also exceeded my expectations. The barbecue was delicious! The tour also included a few surprises that rocketed this Friday the 13th tour experience off into the stratosphere! I will not reveal those secrets in the hope of not spoiling all of the surprises for future visitors. After leaving the camp, I then had dinner at the Blairstown Diner (also featured in the movie). The food was terrific and the staff were extremely gracious to the fans. I also toured the Blairstown Museum with many exhibits dedicated to the Friday the 13th movie and visited the many shops along Main Street. It was a neat experience to see how the entire town of Blairstown celebrate Friday the 13th. My day ended at Roy’s Hall (also shown in the movie) in Blairstown while watching a screening of the original Friday the 13th movie. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life watching the scenes in the movie at the locations where I had just walked hours before at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco. To watch the Friday the 13th movie with fellow fans and local town people on Friday the 13th in this historic theatre was an experience that I am glad I did not pass up. I have attended many comic cons, horror conventions, and movie locations in my life, but the Friday the 13th Tour at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco and my trip to Blairstown will always rank as one of the best trips I have ever taken. If I am lucky enough to one day be able to take this tour again, I would do it in a heartbeat. If you are a fan of Friday the 13th, I highly recommend the Friday the 13th Tour at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco and a companion trip to Blairstown. You will not regret it.”

– Jason S.

“Like many children of the 80s, I was introduced to “Friday the 13th” at a young age and it helped to forge my lifelong love of horror movies. Now in my late 30s, I jumped at the chance to go on this tour, and it did not disappoint. The volunteers are knowledgeable and friendly, and they give you an opportunity to explore the various filming locations at a leisurely pace. I drove 4+ hours (each way) to attend, and it was worth every minute of travel time. My sincerest thanks to the volunteers who work hard to make this event possible!”

– Joanne P.

“I highly recommend this tour and would welcome a return visit myself. The tour guides were very accommodating and gave detailed and entertaining  presentations throughout the tour. The tour was everything I could hope for and more! If you get the chance to attend this tour do it! You won’t be disappointed!”

– Todd T.

“The tour was so much better than I could have hoped. It was well worth the cost of the ticket and the effort of traveling up to NJ. The entire feeling during the tour was pure excitement and joy. It actually makes you feel like you’re a part of the legacy that continues to grow from Friday the 13th. The love for the film and the camp was very evident in all of the volunteers, and they work hard to make you feel appreciated and welcome.”

– Jerry W.

“The people involved in making this tour possible have provided an invaluable experience for hardcore fans who’ve waited years, and in some cases decades, to explore these hallowed grounds.  They’ve gone above and beyond in making the experience memorable and pleasurable.  I hope to be granted another chance some day to explore the grounds a little bit more, and add to the fond memories I have of the overall experience. Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.”

– Stephen D.